Homeowner's Association Email
The email is EastCoastMgmt@aol.com. Please include your house number and phone number so a board member can respond.

Resident Parking
Each homeowner is assigned two numbered parking spaces. Homeowner's are not to use visitor spaces for a third vehicle. There are spaces on the circle at Candleberry that can be used for additional resident parking.

All resident visitor park permits are the property of the Association.  Visitor "hang tags" may be requested by email at CardinalGlen2HOA@gmail.com. Visitor permits are limited to two permits per town home. An administrative fee of $5.00 shall be charged to replace lost or confiscated “visitor hang tags”.

Visitor Parking
Every visitor vehicle must display a Second Cardinal Glen "visitor hang tag" issued by the Association. The tag must be suspended from the rearview mirror and readable from the front of the vehicle. A "hang tag" placed on the dashboard of a vehicle is not considered as displayed. A visitor tag must be displayed any time a non resident vehicle is on Association property.

No non-resident vehicle shall remain upon the Association property for an accumulative period in excess of 72 hours* within a 14 day period without the consent of an Association Board member. Such requests must identify the vehicle by description and license plate and include the expected length of stay. 

*Note: 72 hour time begins when the vehicle enters upon the Association property and continues regardless of the number of times the vehicle exits the property during the 72 hour period.

Misuse of "visitor hang tags" may result in confiscation of the tag by the Association Board. A visitor "hang tag" will be considered misused if:

a resident uses a visitor hang tag to park in visitor parking; or
a visitor uses visitor parking for an accumulated period in excess of 72 hrs within a fourteen day period; or
a resident uses visitor parking to park a transient vehicle. (A transient vehicle is considered to be any vehicle not registered to a resident but is in the temporary care and control of a resident. This may include but is not limited to a rental vehicle, a loaner vehicle or a vehicle provided by a person's place of business for the short term or long term use of a resident.) Such vehicles must be parked in the resident's assigned parking space.
Commercial Vehicles
Commercial vehicles may not park on Association property. (A commercial vehicle is considered to be any vehicle bearing signage that identifies a business or advertises a service). A commercial vehicle is also considered to be any van, truck or SUV that is obviously used primarily as a service vehicle and includes but is not limited to vehicles with ladder racks; open bed pickups (with loose or structured tool storage) and/or any vehicle that is not primarily used for family transportation.

Motor homes, boats, trailers and/or recreational vehicles and construction equipment are prohibited from parking within the Association property. Commercial storage containers & trash containers shall not occupy a parking space unless a written request has been received and approved by the Board at least 10 days prior to emplacement.

Any vehicle may be towed from Association property if the vehicle is in violation of one of more of the following:

a resident parks in Visitor parking;
a guest misuses Visitor parking
parked in a designated fire lane;
parked along a "yellow" curb;
double parked;
parked on the grass;
obstructing traffic;
a potential hazard (ladders, lumber, pipes, etc sticking out from the vehicle);
leaking fluids upon the Association property;
in an obvious state of disrepair. or
not currently registered and/or safety checked

The portion of Candleberry Court known as "the circle" is not Association property and therefore the Association parking regulations do not apply. The "circle" is that portion of Candleberry Ct. that is the entrance to the Association off of Shiplett Boulevard and ends at the entrance roads to the town homes.

It is the resident's responsibility to ensure that their visitors comply with the Association Parking Regulations. Residents and visitors in violation of the Association Parking Regulations may be prohibited from bringing their vehicle(s) on Association property.

Accurate Towing has been contracted by the Association Board to enter upon the Association property at any time to patrol the property and remove any vehicle in violation of the Association Parking Regulations.

Towed vehicles can be located by contacting the Accurate Towing 703-934-1460

Trash and Recycling Service  
Our trash and recycling is removed by AAA Trash Company.

Trash: Scheduled trash pick-ups are Monday and Thursday mornings. Trash is to be placed on the curb, no earlier than dusk on the day before pick up. AAA will pick up trash on all holidays except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. In addition, AAA will pick up large items, other than appliances, without charge or advance notification. There is a special pick up schedule for Christmas trees, the days will be announced during the month of December.

Recycling: AAA picks up recycling every Monday. They will collect newspapers, bottles, aluminum cans, some plastics, and mixed paper. Click here for the Fairfax County Recycling Flyer. 

Yard Waste is picked up on Wednesday

Dues Schedule 

Quarter Due DateLate After
January 1January 10
April 1April 10
July 1July 10
October 1October 10

Dues are paid quarterly (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1) and are considered late after the 10th of the month in which they are due. A late fee of $29.00 will be assessed to those homeowners who do not pay by the 15th. Payment of dues in a timely manner is appreciated.

Architecture Information 
Making Exterior Changes
Prior to making any changes to the exterior of your home, an Architectural Change Form must be completed and approved. Click here for the fillable form or see your Homeowner packet for a blank form. The full Architectural Guidelines are available on the Doc’s page or this web site. Here are a few examples:

Painting: Repainting with current paint color does not require any approval prior to painting. Exterior paint colors may not be changed without prior approval from the Architectural Committee as stated in your SCGHOA Homeowners Packet.

To request a paint color change please complete an Architectural Change form for approval prior to painting. The current color chart for the community is from Benjamin Moore - exterior expressions. The Architecture Committee will be happy to provide you with the color chart if needed. Approved color for house trims only is Navajo White OC-95 or Martime White OC-5.

Windows: Can be replaced with brown, beige, or white windows and must have grids in all front windows. Again this is an exterior change and requires a completed and approved Architecture Change form prior to work is done. 

Annual Architectural Inspection
Each year the SCGHOA conducts an architectural inspection in the spring of the homes in Second Cardinal Glen. The goal of the inspection is to maintain a standard of community appearance and preserve the communal value of Second Cardinal Glen, as well as the value of the individual units. 

The focus of the inspection is merely to identify exterior portions of a home that are not in compliance with the architectural guidelines established in the SCGHOA packet.. A standardized inspection form is used for all homes, which, once completed, will be mailed to the owner for resolution of any discrepancies that may have been sited. If an owner needs more time to complete any repairs, please submit a written request to the SCGHOA, EastCoastMgmt@aol.com requesting an extension and approximate completion date for discrepancies to be corrected. 

Common Area Maintenance

The common areas throughout the complex are maintained by the homeowner's dues. 

Occasionally, common areas are damaged by carelessness or willful vandalism. Residents are responsible for any activity which results in the damage in our common areas, specifically damage caused by vehicles driven across sidewalks and grassy areas in the course of delivering firewood and of children playing in landscaped areas. The Board will assess the cost of repair to the offending resident/parent. Residents of SCGHOA should report any vandalism to the Fairfax County Police (703-691-2131) and to the President of the Board, so that appropriate action can be taken to protect the investment we all have in our community.

The Fairfax County Leash Law is in effect in our neighborhood. Please keep your pets confined to your yard or on a leash when out for a walk. FCPS animal wardens are empowered to remove unrestrained animals from the common areas.

It's also against the law not to clean up after your pet. Please be mindful of your neighbors and children and clean up litter from your pet when out walking.

HOA Disclosure Packet  

The Real Estate Disclosure Act requires Homeowner's Associations to make available to home buyers, a disclosure of financial statements, architectural standards, Covenants, By-Laws, etc. to use in determining the "health" of the homeowner community. If you are selling your home or never received a disclosure packet, they are available for a charge per package. Contact the HOA via email to receive one. EastCoastMgmt@aol.com

Schools and Other Facilities 
White Oaks Elementary School
http://www.fcps.edu/WhiteOaksES/ (703) 923-1400
Lake Braddock Secondary School
http://www.fcps.edu/LakeBraddockSS/ (703) 426-1000
Pohick Regional Library
http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/library/ 703-644-7333
Audrey Moore RECenter
Old Keene Mill Swim Club (703) 440-3738

Important Phone Numbers 

Poison Control Center    202-625-3333
Fairfax County Zoning Enforcement   703-324-1300
Fairfax County Police (non-emergency)   703-691-2131
WATER: Fairfax County Water Authority (hook-up, billing, service)   703-698-5800
SEWER: Fairfax County Water Authority (EMERGENCY)  703-698-5613
Storm Drainage - Flooding   703-934-2800
Dominion Viginia Power   888-667-3000
Verizon (Phone Service and Billing)   703-954-6222
AAA Trash Service   703-818-8222
Department of Motor Vehicles   703-761-4655
VDOT (VA Dept. of Transportation)   703-383-VDOT
Animal Control   703-830-3310
Post Office - Burke 703 978-4519
Fairfax Connector Bus 703-339-7200
Fairfax County School Closing Line 703-246-2500
Accurate Towing (Parking Enforcement) 703-536-0370

Fairfax County Information
If you need any Fairfax County information, call (703) 246-INFO (4636) or on the web at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

Do we pay Accurate Towing?
No, but we do have a contract with Accurate Towing. This contract does not cost the association as fees are paid directly to Accurate.

A visitor comes and stays 3 days on lower Heathwick all the time. What can we do about it?
Nothing, the visitor is not breaking the rules as long as they have a visitor pass.

What can we do about the pet waste problem?
Complain to the Board via email. The emailer must be willing to leave their name and have the name and address of offender.
The Board will generate a letter to the offending home owner. Repeat offenses may result in the banning of pet from community property.

What can we do about a noise disturbance?
Call the police on the non-emergency line at (703) 691-2131.